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Class A -  A Class A Diesel and Gas motorhomes often have a reputation for being the most luxurious and expensive of vehicles. It has a solid body with the driving area integrated into the standard living accommodation. This style of motorhome will have a large and expansive front window which offers a good view of the road and surrounding landscape. 

Class B - A Class B motorhome is also referred to as a low profile or semi-integrated motorhome. It is built in the same way as a Class C motorhome, except no berths are provided over the cab area. As a result, the overall height of this motorhome is lower than a Class C. There is usually a fixed double bed in rear of the vehicle.

Class C - A Class C motorhome has a body which is mounted onto a van or truck chassis. There is usually a double berth over the driving cab and newer models feature a variety of floor plans and may have features comparable to those found in Class A models.

Fifth Wheel - Fifth wheels are the largest RV trailer segment available and can often be identified by its raised extension like that of an over-cab in the Class C RV segment. This extension then hangs over and attaches to the vehicle that is towing it, which is often a pickup truck, according to Thor Industries. Fifth wheels average between 25 to 40 feet.

Travel Trailers - An RV type that has an A-frame and coupler attached to a ball mount on the tow vehicle. Depending upon tow ratings, travel trailers can be towed by trucks, cars or sport-utility vehicles.

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