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SkyMed International, Inc.

SkyMed International

Diesel RV Club Members in good standing will qualify for discounts between $400 to $1,000*:

- $1,000 discount on SkyMed's  ULTIMATE Family 5-year Membership = $2,495 / 5 year

- $400 discount on SkyMed's  ULTIMATE Individual 5-year Membership = $1,995 / 5 year

- $400 discount on SkyMed's  ULTIMATE Family 3-year Membership = $1,695 / 3 year

- $400 discount on SkyMed's  ULTIMATE Individual 3-year Membership = $1,295 / 3 year


  • To receive this discount Diesel RV Club Members must enter "Diesel RV Club" in the Referring RV Club space on the application form in order to receive the discounted pricing.
  • NON-SkyMed Member Benefit - SkyMed will make available our member services department 24/7/365 to any Diesel RV Club Members who becomes ill or injured and is in need of any of the services SkyMed provides. We will provide our assistance free of cost to Diesel RV Members, and in coordinating services contract on their behalf at our preferred rate structures for these various services. NON-Members would be responsible for actual services costs, where SkyMed members would pay $0. 

* The Diesel RV Club will receive an donation from SkyMed of $25 - $100 depending on plan selected.

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