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Welcome to the Diesel RV Club

Diesel powered; Lifestyle driven

The purpose of the Diesel RV Club is to serve all FMCA RV Club members with an interest in diesel powered RVs – in how to maintain them, how to get maximum performance, and how to keep repair costs to a minimum. The Chapter offers rallies which combine social and technical programs for the purpose of:

  • Exchanging information on how to keep diesel coach repair costs to a minimum, how to maintain them and how to get maximum performance,
  • Helping promote diesel engines in all RV Types and help our fellow RVrs,
  • Provide Savings offered to qualified members by Valued Partners,
  • Providing opportunities for fun and fellowship, and
  • Supporting FMCA activities such as rallies and engagement at international conventions.

The Diesel RV Club was chartered as the CAT RV Club at the Albuquerque FMCA Convention in March, 2004. The CAT RV Club was started by Don Tallman and a group of FMCA motor home owners whose coaches were powered by CAT Diesel Engines. The first business meeting was held at the FMCA Albuquerque Convention on March 18, 2004 and had 390 charter members sign on. Don was elected the first club President. A Special thanks to Don Tallman and Suzie Adcock for getting this club off the ground!

As the times changed, members expressed their desire for the Chapter to take steps to ensure the continued service to the concerns and interests of diesel motor home owners. Our members are the backbone of the Club and their expectation for it to enhance the diesel motor home experience drives our mix of technical and social activities.  Membership in the Chapter, is contingent - just as it is with FMCA - on ownership of a qualifying RV: "a self-contained wheeled vehicle that includes permanently installed cooking, sleeping, and sanitary facilities.” In addition, the Chapter sponsors a Technical Forum that is open to the public.  Membership in the Forum is available (e. g, ForumPlus), entitling ForumPlus members to receive savings offered by Valued Partners and to participate in Chapter events Come join us.

Annual membership dues is $25 regardless of the method you select for receiving the Club's newsletter, Travelore, by print/mail, PDF/email notification, or both. In addition to receiving the newsletter, the club also sends eBlasts on a periodic basis when updated or new announcements are considered as timely.

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