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Travelore Newsletter

Travelore, the official Newsletter of the Diesel RV Club, has a new publication strategy. The goal is to continue to provide a quarterly newsletter for Club Members though the format will vary. The summer and winter versions will continue to be available in print format as well as PDF and FlipBook for digital subscribers while Fall and Spring issues will be available only in the digital formats which are distributed to members via email. Members have an option of receiving semi-annual print versions while all members with email will receive emails with links to online versions on a quarterly basis.

This new structure is part of an evolving communication strategy for the next several years. That strategy will make use of traditional formats while also implementing the use of social media and other online publication styles. The Chapter will use Facebook and twitter to communicate with members and the larger RV Community.


Display Ads

Note: Display ad space is limited each quarter. Consideration is given in the order ads are received. Call for availability.

Ads are available in three sizes:

  • Half Page: 7.25" wide, 4.5" high - $400 for 4 insertions ($100 each issue)
  • Quarter Page: 3.25" wide, 4.5" high, $200 for 4 insertions ($50 each issue)
  • Business Card Size: 3.25" wide, 2.25" high, $100 for 4 insertions ($25 each issue)


Ad Submission Information

  •  All ads are subject to Diesel RV Club Editors Review
  •  Image resolution at 300 dpi minimum            
  • Photo file formats:
    • JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
    • PNG - Portable Network Graphics.
    • GIF - Graphics Interchange Format.
    • TIFF - Tagged Image File.
  • If submitting electronic files on a CD: Save with PDF, or TIFF extensions
  • Include all images, graphics and fonts on your CD
  • Include a printed hard copy/match proof of the ad with

Website Ads - Annual Rates

Box (300x250 pixels): $295

Sample 300 x 250

Banner (728 x 90 pixels ): $750

Sample Banner 728 x 90 pixels


Forum ad - Box (300 x 250 pixels): $295 - Same as 300 x 250 pixels shown above


 Website Links from Ads: $100 (Valued Partner website links are Free).


Call for rates on other size web ads



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