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O'Reilly Auto Parts Discount Program

The Diesel RV Club is excited to announce a new Discount Program with the O'Reilly Auto Parts stores, an auto parts store with over 3,700 stores nationwide. This discount program is only for Back Counter Parts, such as serpentine belts, filters, thermostats, alternators, batteries, etc., and the discount will depend on what you buy.  It will also be based on how much all members use the program -- it will start out at the jobber less 10% rate but get better as we use it and establish a buying pattern. In general, it will be better for RV parts like serpentine belts and filters but less for personal auto parts. Remember, the discount does not apply on items in front of the counter. Also, you may want to check any current sales flyer as the discount will not apply to items already discounted.

When you go in to an O’ Reilly Auto Parts store, the first thing you should do is tell them you have a discount number and would like to set up an account. The number O'Reilly has set up Diesel RV Club member account number. This account number is printed on your Diesel RV Club membership card. They will ask to see your Membership card and if it is not up to date you will not get the discount. After the account is set up, you can shop for your parts. 

Also, remember to ask them to put your first initial and last name in the Purchase Order Number field so the transaction can be located in the event of a warranty claim.

Please remember, this discount is for Diesel RV Club members only. O’ Reilly will be monitoring us to see that we do not abuse this program.  We have issued new membership cards with the O’Reilly’s Auto Parts member account number for easy reference.

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