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Why join FMCA?


With over 140,000 active members, FMCA is the world’s premier RV owners group and largest member-owned RV club in the world.

If you own a self-contained RV, here are several reasons to JOIN FMCA NOW. After you join FMCA, come back and Join Us.

1. Family

FMCA is a social organization. The mission of FMCA is to bring together RV owners who share similar interests in congenial traveling, recreation, and social activities in order to preserve and perpetuate the traditional ideals and spirit of friendly and wholesome family fellowship as manifested by the founders of FMCA.  In fact, perhaps the greatest member benefit is the fun and camaraderie shared by people who enjoy the common interest of RV travel.

2. Benefits of Membership

First-Year FMCA Membership is only $85 ... Renewal $80. The value of FMCA's member benefits far exceeds the cost of the annual dues. Benefit highlights.

3. Information

Members look to the association as their source of information about all facets of RV ownership and travel. Family RVing Magazine  is the premier publication covering and promoting the motorhome lifestyle.

4. Peace of Mind

FMCA wants RV owners to enjoy their journeys, as well as their destinations, with as few worries as possible. That’s why we offer:

  • FMCA Health Plan providing the freedom to travel worry-free at a cost you can afford
  • Low-cost travel medical insurance when traveling outside the United States
  • A discount on home security monitoring systems
  • A mail forwarding service that alleviates travelers’ concerns about where to receive mail

5. Conventions and Rallies

Members have the opportunity to attend two international conventions per year that showcase motorhomes and related products.

6. Chapters

FMCA has over 350 active chapters or subgroups, throughout North America, which hold rallies throughout the year. These gatherings give members the chance to get together more often and at locales nearer their homes.

If you have any questions about FMCA or membership, e-mail membership@fmca.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (800) 543-3622. The staff within the Member Services Department is eager to serve you. And we would love to welcome you into the FMCA family.


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